Cure for Adults with ADD

There are many way to reduce your ADD symptoms. Most of the Adults choose to take pills such as Ritalin and Adderall. However all this pills have its own bad side effect for human.

  1. Hard to sleep
  2. Loss of appetite
  3. Mental problem
  4. Addiction
  5. Fatigue

Because of the bad side effect, now a lot of adult try to seek for a natural remedies to cure their ADD symptoms. After a lot of research and test, Chinese Master found a good treatment plan for his patient. Now I will share it with all of you, privately.


Natural Cure for ADD adults


Exercise can help you to release your stress. During exercise, your body will release Dopamine, serotonin, norepinephrine and beta-endorphins. Choose an interesting sport so you can continue doing it. Chinese Master teaches me to do Tai-chi and Qi Gong. It really works.

Join a ADD group

Meet others people that have a same situation like you. They can share their ADD experience with you, so you more understand what to do and what you should not do. Sharing and caring is the always around you, so you won’t few boring and alone.

Feed your brain

What your brain need? What your brains do not need? There is a list of food that an ADD patient should avoid. Some scientist had found, sugar and carbohydrate is the food that ADD patient should avoid.

What your brain should be feed to so that it can work smoothly? Omega 3 is the best vitamin for your brain. Highly recommended by all the specialist. Other than Omega 3, you can also take high protein food such as white rice, wheat, cheese, egg, meat and others.

If you want to get a diet list or want to know more about diet treatment, you can contact Chinese Master. He had a healthy diet plan for the patient. A healthy ADD diet treatment is one of the treatments that Chinese Master provides to his patient.  ADD diet treatment has proven by scientist that is really works.

Game can cure ADD?

Yes, game treatment can also reduce the ADD symptoms. When playing game, people will learn how to focus on a task and manage the team and task to win the game.  An ADD patient can be train during the game, once they had their fun inside the game. They will focus on it and manage their task to win inside the game. Their brains cells will be activate and link together.

Game Treatment for ADD adults had been proven by a lot of scientist that it does work. Chinese Master had design two types of games for his patient, one group is outdoor games another one is indoor games. ADD adult can contact him to know more about what games can help to reduce the ADD symptoms.

Herbal Cure for ADD

Chinese Master plant herbal himself. This can make sure the quality of the herbal and effectiveness. He believes the herbal without any chemical fertilizer and no pesticide can work more efficiency. He waters the herbal three times a day with clean and healthy water.

In the past few years, Chinese Master helps a lot of ADD patient to reduce their symptoms. Some of the patient came from other country such as America, Oman, Singapore and China. When the patient cannot come to Malaysia to have treatment, Chinese Master will deliver the ADD herbal for them.

Neuro acupuncture Treatment for ADD Adult

Neuro acupuncture Treatment for ADD Adults using fine needles to insert into scalp. This treatment can help to activate your brain cells and flow the Qi inside the patient body. The Qi is unbalance so the people will get sick, the Chinese Master believes. Balance the Qi and use the Qi to activate the brain cells.

Acupuncture treatment had showed its effectiveness around the world. After a few sessions, the patients do really feel the different.


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